Custom Big Doll (40cm)

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** Orders outside of New Zealand are closed for Christmas, if you would like one of these dolls and don't mind it arriving after Christmas, please contact me through the Contact page listed above, or email hilary[at]khadil[dot]com **

A one-of-a-kind little friend to inspire and empower. Each doll carries in her heart a message, 'I am a vessel of Love', to enchant and bring about a little more love into one's life and the world.

Big Dolls are approx. 40cm in height, perfect for gentle play and cuddles, placing on a bedside table or bookshelf.

Khadil Dolls (pronounced 'cuddle') are custom, hand-crafted dolls made with all natural materials by Hilary Tapper in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Our dolls are made from 'khadi', handwoven cotton from India, then dyed using natural dyes and sewn using a foot-treadle Singer sewing machine in New Zealand. Each part is stuffed with New Zealand wool and assembled with wooden buttons.

Please mention in the comments of your order which gender, hair colour, and skin tone you would like for you doll. Upon your order you will be emailed a confirmation of your order and a link to start designing your doll's outfit.

PLEASE NOTE: · Custom orders take approx. 3 weeks before sending · Gentle play & spot clean only · Changeable outfits · Boy dolls require a fixed hat or beanie to keep hair in place, so please mention hat colour in your outfit request · Please contact me for any special requests! · Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Please visit for ideas and inspirations for your doll.